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  • Can I add another log in?

    From the answer: It's a great help to have multiple users in your company, stmikes1221.... Each QuickBooks Online plan includes different user types and levels of access.

  • Deposit and Invoices

    From the answer: Let's correct your deposits so your data in QuickBooks will be accurate, Greenscapes.... We can always go back to the deposit and correct the details.

  • How to pay Federal unemployment taxes

    From the answer: Hi there, raju1.... I'd be glad to walk you through the steps for paying payroll taxes in QBO.... Here's how:   Go to the Taxes menu, then click Payroll Tax .

  • I have some sales receipts that show up under the proper account as well as in the customer's list of payments, and others that don't show on customer detail-why?

    From the answer: Hi there, user68377.... Sales Receipt transactions should show both in their respective accounts and in the Customer Transactions list.

  • My gear icon do i get it back

    From the answer: Hi there, brhr21.... Welcome to the Community.... I want to make sure you're able to access the Gear icon.... To make sure this isn't a problem with the web browser, I recommend clearing the cache first.

  • Cant enter a invoice why?

    From the answer: Thanks for reaching out to the Community, .... Are you getting any error messages?... This will help me make sure that I can provide the best resolution.

  • I called in June & spoke with a representative to cancel my account. Today, I see a bill for $500. Please refund this money ASAP.

    From the answer: There might be pending transactions when you cancelled your account,  annie.esquivel .... Pending bank deposits, form filing and tax payments can interfere with the process.

  • Could please help me with one year trial balance accessibility?

    From the answer: We can perform some troubleshooting steps to get the Trial Balance report working, ahmed.ceder .... You can set the Report period to Since 365 Days Ago or Custom option to run the report in one year period.

  • customise invoice as per below sample s/n name service ins placement total xxx xxx xxx xx xxx xxx

    From the answer: Good to hear from you, josephaltez1 .... You can modify the invoice template by replacing the column's name like the Product/Service into s/n name service.

  • payroll

    From the answer: Greetings, jjetski.... I'd be glad to help figure out the reason why it's still reflecting as a pending payroll in Intuit Online Payroll.

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