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  • Can I run direct deposit for multiple independant contractors at one time?

    From the answer: Good day, Dmataia.... For now, you can only pay one contractor at a time.... I like your idea of paying multiple contractors at the same time, though.

  • Is tracking by classes and location available in Simple Start version of QBO? I can't find how to set them up.

    From the answer: Hello, No.  Class and Location tracking are only available in QBO Plus and QBO Advanced.... QBO Plus allows up to 40 Classes and/or locations combined QBO Advanced allows unlimited classes and locations

  • Multicurrency banking and home currency adjustments

    From the answer: You're right.... It will be posted as a realized gain/loss, Lanna Rodriguez.... I'll explain why.... The Unrealized gains/losses are profits or losses that happened on paper.

  • Lottery Sales and Commission

    From the answer: What you collect in lottery sales is a liability when you pay it out to the state that is when you recognize your commission, so the check would look something like liability account, total amount commission income, the commission amount as a negativ

  • Billing receipts

    From the answer: Hello MrWestside,   QuickBooks uses the main email address to sending billing subscriptions.... Adding more could be a great feature that our Product Developers Team would love to hear from you.

  • Track personal expenses and income as well??

    From the answer: Each business needs its own accounting file, they have to stand on their own and report each for income tax purposes on separate schedules   personal finance is never mixed with business finance   -------------------------------- IRS Pub 583, Page 5

  • How to setup a second business in QB online simple start?

    From the answer: In QBO it is one business one subscription

  • additional company added by mistake

    I have an account that was purchased for one company with the online product and inadvertantly  my husbands...

  • I can't connect my bank, Azlo, to Quickbooks even though Azlo says it supports QuickBooks connections. QB keeps failing.

    From the answer: Hello,  pmoses .... You've got me here today to help share some steps in connecting your bank with QuickBooks Online.

  • pay check notes

    I put notes on some of the checks (payroll) on some employees but cannot see those anywhere.  Where can I...

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