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  • Backup File Error

    From the answer: Hi there, @ azul2019 .... Welcome to the Community.... I'll be glad to help your back up file get fixed and running again.

  • Entries that are still on a credit card statement that has been reconciled

    From the answer: Hi  missymarykay55 ,   You'll want to find and delete the duplicate transaction.... I'll walk you through how.

  • IIF import to Quickbooks 2016 fails

    From the answer: One thing is that you must start each transaction with a TRNS row followed by SPL rows.... What happens when you try to import your file once you have fixed that?

  • change my merchant services processor from intuit's to an outside bank?

    From the answer: Hello there, .... Using a non-Intuit processor is not supported in QuickBooks.... Let me provide a few information about this.

  • Cycle count inventory items not showing up

    From the answer: There could be some reasons why there are missing items, joneill1186.... These items can be the inactive ones or they are included in a group item.

  • How to import excel file onto quickbook using 3rd party app(like Zed Axis) connected via Remote desktop app

    From the answer: We appreciate you doing a workaround to import the file, kevin10matt .... When importing file from a remote Desktop app, the MS Office Excel must be installed on where QuickBooks is located.

  • Export Purchase orders to excel

    From the answer: Hi Kphelan2018, You can definitely export the Purchase Order report to Excel.... Check out the steps below: Click on the Reports menu.

  • Dropships

    From the answer: You're on the right track, MitchYawney.... Dropshipping lets you sell and ship products or items to your customers without keeping those items in stock.

  • Mapping accounts when importing payroll from Intuit Payroll

    From the answer: Hello ,   Thank you for getting in touch in the Community about the IIF import.... I appreciate the information you shared to help us understand the issue better.

  • purchase orders created from sales orders, item allocation.

    From the answer: Good day,  damitchell1985 .... I'd be glad to help and provide you with some information regarding item allocation in sales order and purchase orders in QuickBooks Desktop.

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