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  • When I went to print 1099's this year, all of the vendors were marked to receive 1099's. EVERY SINGLE ONE! How did that happen?

    From the answer: @ corinna it really does not matter, though it should not happen, submit a bug report from the help menu All that really matters is the payments to the vendors and the expense account used for those payments.

  • Customizing the PAY BILLS Window

    From the answer: No, there is no way.... Well there is a way. 1. Become a software engineer 2. Get hired by intuit 3. Move up the ranks until you have design authority 4. Change the layout globally OR, set you default vendor terms to be upon receipt or 0 days and the due

  • How do i customize the customer information transactions window

    From the answer: There isn't really a way to do that except if you set up and use custom fields.

  • Browse Topics - Banking

    From the answer: Tutorials Expert Blogs Connecting to a Bank Account   How to Setup Bank Rules in QuickBooks Online Setting up Bank Rules Effectively   How to reconcile your bank accounts Banking Rules Update:

  • Browse Topics - Reports

    From the answer: Tutorials Expert Blogs Access the Improved QuickBooks Online Reports Redesigned Reports Articles Reports overview Memorized Reports Management reports overview Inventory Reports Lis

  • Recent quarter sales are not displaying on the Sales Graph. I've confirmed dates are correct but none of the recent invoices are showing up. Any ideas why?

    From the answer: Thanks for making sure that the dates are correct,  Rmagarian .... There's probably a damaged or corrupted transaction that's causing the issue.

  • Accountants copy transfer file

    From the answer: It depends on the version your client is using.... The 2017 accountants version can open a file from 2016 & 2017 but can't open a file from 2015 & prior.

  • Can I convert some of my client files to QB2019, but leave others as QB2018. If so, how?

    From the answer: Yes.  Just update that file.... Leave the others and keep using them with the older QB version.

  • Open Item Receipt with NO Bill Report

    From the answer: It's good to see you here in the Community, CSMG.... I can help you track the unbilled item receipts in QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Can you run payroll off of a clients backup file?

    From the answer: Well, sure, but then you need them to do No Work while you have this file; and then you send back an updated Backup and they OverWrite their working file with your new version of their data.

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