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  • How do I get my Gross Sales or Total Gross Receipts received or deposited into my bank account or from Sales Receipts?

    From the answer: "it shows Check No. and Payment Method- which has a drop-down menu," Then you are Lucky in that you are using an older program.

  • How do I track sales tax paid to a vendor to deduct from taxes paid to government?

    From the answer: The IRS says any amount paid to get an item, including sales tax, shipping, etc or to make it ready for sale is part of item cost - so as far as the IRS is concerned it should be added to item cost and received at a price that includes all costs Stat

  • How can i record meal and entertainment expenses

    From the answer: Make your expense accounts in your chart of accounts, use those from write checks, enter bills or enter credit card charges to track your expenses.

  • Starting new Quickbooks file for an old company.

    From the answer: We have done our physical inventory and are ready to enter the quantities.... My question is if we use the Opening Balance Equity account, will inventory subtract and be accounted for properly?

  • Is a customer discount for professional services an expense or income account?

    From the answer: A disount is a price reduction not a cost of doing business, use an income account.

  • Should I reimburse my S-Corp for personal expenses?

    From the answer: When you use company funds for personal expenses, book them to an asset account you create called "due-from-[name] then you pay back the company and deposit the payment using that same account as the source (from) account on the deposit

  • How do we enter a refund for credit balance that was part of a repayment/deposit?

    From the answer: "So when I go to "receive payments" and type i the customer name it lists the refund and also shows an existing balance at the bottom.

  • Progressive Invoicing: how to choose just one item from list on QB 2013 for Mac?

    From the answer: Let's pretend the Design Fees are $50 a month x 6 months.... That = $300, not $50 separate lines.... You invoice only $50 OF the $300, and the $300 shows a reducing balance left to invoice.

  • Can't Log into my Company File on Mac

    From the answer: Try removing the preferences file: 1. Quit QuickBooks if it is running 2. In the Finder, hold the option key down and choose Go->Library menu 3. The library window opens.

  • How to delete users?

    From the answer: You can't delete users that have created transactions.... What you can do is change their user names to "Inactive 1", "Inactive 2", etc.

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