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  • When will Quickbooks 2017 Desktop for Mac be available?

    From the answer: From intuit biscotti in another thread, "There will be no 2017 version.... The new features were released as a free slipstream for 2016"

  • How to download Quickbooks 2014 in Windows 7

    From the answer: Original answer by  @Lexiesmemere   Click the link below, be sure to change to the product you want....

  • I don't have a 10 digit pin to efile Fed payroll forms

    From the answer: Hello there Debbie6178, I’d be glad to help.... If you didn’t receive your 10 digit pin for e-filing, you can verify the status of your enrollment.

  • I ran verify data and there were errors. How do I locate and view the error log?

    From the answer: Find QBWIN.log... files QuickBooks Desktop writes messages about what is happening in QuickBooks to a specific log file.

  • Quickbooks pro 2016 install on how many computers

    From the answer: Sorry, no.... A single license can be installed on up to two computers for use by the same person but they cannot be used in multi-user mode.

  • Customer Overpayment on EFT

    From the answer: "We have a base price for each lot and options are added."... Are you using Estimates for this part, and change orders for the Options?

  • How do I enter prepayments and then apply those prepayments against the vendor invoices in QB 2015 for Mac?

    From the answer: Hi  ML , You can use Accounts Payable or an Asset account to record prepayments.... For detailed instructions, please refer to the Record vendor prepayments article.

  • Quickbooks mac 2016 date problem

    From the answer: Greetings,  andre .... Thanks for posting.... QuickBooks uses the system date format from your Mac system preferences.

  • How do I add a "Ship To" address to an invoice in QuickBooks Mac 2015?

    From the answer: You can add the Ship To field to an invoice (or other sales form) in Layout Designer.... For invoices (going from memory):  Open the Invoice Window There's a Template Menu pop up above the data entry section.

  • How do I change my payroll start date from Monday to Friday.

    From the answer: Good day  finefinishesofpi , Changing the start day of your payroll week is quite easy.... You can do this in your Preferences .

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