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  • Changing a Company Name on a Mac

    From the answer: Hi there, LiverpoolPerry99 ,   I'm glad to hear that everything is now resolved with the help of IntuitBrooks .

  • Deleting after upgrading

    From the answer: Yes.... Though I tend to make a backup of them, just in case.... If you have multiple copies of the same company file (recorded at different dates for instance) then you may only want to keep the most recent one.

  • sort by state

    From the answer: Hello there,  crat .... It's nice to have you here in the Community.... It's my pleasure to assist you today.

  • QB Desktop on Mac 2019 - Will it run on MacOS 10.11.6 (El Capitan)?

    From the answer: Pleased to have you here, @jd68 .... I'd be glad to share additional information about QuickBooks for Mac 2019.

  • Promotional items strictly purchased for promotion only and not re-sale. Are they an expense to the company?

    From the answer: the cabinets are most likely fixed assets, what goes in them is most likely an expense when purchased

  • Fix invoice item list

    From the answer: It cannot be an Inventory Part; you described something Generic.... Inventory Part = specifically, the same item every time.

  • Installation Frozen

    From the answer: About an hour after I clicked "cancel", the system did inform me that there was an installation error had occured and I was able to restart and complete the process.

  • Correcting W2s

    From the answer: Hi KingAcct,    You can run the Payroll Tax and Wage Summary report since the payroll correction has been made for these employees.

  • Can I add a field that is on a customers Invoice to the Statement for that customer?

    From the answer: Hello there,  langka6 ,  Once a custom field is added in your transactions form (invoice), you need to enter the information in the custom field so it will appear on the printed/sent invoices.

  • Accountant wants cash basis with no A/R - possible in QB?

    From the answer: LOL! Case of CPA doesn't want to understand or deal with cash basis balance sheet problems so they want you to avoid it all together.

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