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  • How do I remove a mass amount of unbilled expenses?

    From the answer: Don't "create an invoice and delete it."... That's never necessary.... Do it like this: Run the Unbilled Costs by Job report, and your Time by Job report for Unbilled, as well.

  • Change to landscape orientation to custom change within "layout designer"

    From the answer: You can not do that in layout designer, but you can do that in customize data layout on the print tab, check the bullet for Use specified printer and settings ... and change to landscape then click the layout designer button

  • Budgets

    From the answer: Hi @ Tammi196,   As to QuickBooks Desktop, Budget feature only relates to Income and expenditure for a set period of time.

  • Credit for refund

    From the answer: That's the right way to create a refund for your customer, AmyEB.... It could be the credit memo and check are not successfully linked.

  • Classes VS Job tracking

    From the answer: I would use class for restricted funds vs non-restricted fund.... I would use jobs for events & create a job for event.

  • When I create a bill for a vendor, it has multiple items in a single bill. I want each item, their rate and their quantity to show up on the check stub.

    From the answer: "I want each item, their rate and their quantity to show up on the check stub."... The issue is, your Check is not a Check.

  • Payroll Liabilities

    From the answer: For steps 5.5 and 8.5: To not see them listed, you want to Edit them and use the selection "I don't Need a schedule for this."

  • Can't see entire date on register line

    From the answer: Hi there, pb accounting,   Let me get the help you need about displays issues in QuickBooks Desktop.... QuickBooks is designed to work with the default settings of Windows DPI.

  • How to change vendor of a cleared bill payment

    From the answer: Good day, .... I appreciate the details you've added.... Let's work together to record your vendor's bill.... You're actually on the right track already.

  • How to change payee for an existing, paid bill?

    From the answer: You need to Avoid JE for anything to do with names, and especially, that just bypassed the 1099 Reporting functions.

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