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  • How Do I add Ohio IT501 form to my e-file account

    From the answer: Hello there, Rbesanceney.... You can only set up the OH WH IT 501 for E-pay only.... You can check this article for more information:  Ohio Payroll Tax Compliance .

  • Payroll sick day

    From the answer: That's a good question,  CascoMach .... I can discuss to you how payroll sick day works in QuickBooks Online (QBO).

  • payroll

    From the answer: Hi there, forensicqde .... Thanks for taking the time to reached out to us.... We're sad to let you go but we're happy to help you out.

  • Update credit card for billing

    From the answer: .

  • Importing Payroll Data in CSV

    From the answer: Is it possible to import employee specific data into quickbooks such as payroll deductions, 401(k), insurance deductions, salary etc?

  • payroll

    From the answer: Hello there,  kdcarpent .... It's a delight to assist you today.... Let me help you with your payroll concern.

  • Add birthday

    From the answer: Hi Jada123,   I can help you enter the birth date of your employee.... Click the Employees tab.... Click the name of the employee.

  • Line 1 total

    From the answer: Hi there, 74teresa.... What do you mean by "it wants a line 1 total?"... Are you referring to box 1 of the W-2 form?

  • WA Paid Family and Medical Leave

    From the answer: Good day, @drgurney .... Thank you for posting in the Community.... I’m here to share a few details about QuickBooks Online Payroll supporting WA Paid Family and Medical Leave.

  • Trying to pay me 941 payroll taxes

    From the answer: Appreciate your time raising this to our attention, Janet1065 ,   Let me get the help you need to ensure that you'd be able to pay 941 payroll taxes.

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