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  • Upgrade QB for Mac 2012 to 2019 OS Issue:

    From the answer: I got a few details to add about upgrading your file, Darkchalk.... You can back up your company file in QuickBooks Mac 2012 (File > Back up) while you're still using El Capitan.

  • Voiding unused checks

    From the answer: Unless the attorneys where you work have some legal objection why cannot you still use these checks?... We handle checks out of order all the time.

  • Quickbooks and Bank Balance not matching

    From the answer: Hello Taylor,   Welcome to the Community, I'd be happy to answer your questions today.... In the account register, you should have an "opening balance equity" transaction.

  • How do I enter a vehicle purchase with a down payment and loan payments thereafter????

    From the answer: I think you would enter the vehicle purchase as an asset, for the total amount of the purchase.... Then you would set up a liability account for the amount of the loan, and the first entry would be the down payment, and all other entries would be reducin

  • How do I print my chart of accounts

    From the answer: If you're on Quickbooks Online, click Accounting from the left panel, select  Chart of Accounts at the top, click the Print icon.

  • Finding invoices using an item

    From the answer: Right click (control+click) on the item and select quick report.

  • Creating inventory from bill

    From the answer: Boom!  Brilliant.... I will see about setting this up later today, and will let you know if there are any hiccups.


    From the answer: From your template selection dropdown select edit current template, once in layout designer select  the fields icon at the top left, from the header tab confirm that print is checked at invoice number.

  • How do I setup up pricing discounts based on quantity?

    From the answer: Hello there,  ekeymeulen .... Let me bring clarifications about your concern with setting up price discounts.

  • Text color in Pay Bills window is so light grey it is UNREADABLE. Must darken!

    From the answer: Trying the other display profiles didn't help.... Most of them made it worse.... I recalibrated a copy of the iMac display profile.

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