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  • LVL_SEVERE_ERROR--GetMasterKey Failed: The decryption has failed

    From the answer: Thanks for reaching out to the Community, @jcarusocpa .... I’m here to provide some insight regarding this error message.

  • 941s

    From the answer: Review your filed tax forms from the payroll center, forms tab, middle section where the history is displayed.

  • Filter Average Days to Pay Report

    From the answer: I see this is your first question so let me take the time to welcome you here to the Intuit community, .

  • Unearned Revenue - Recording Transactions for Cash and Accrual Reporting

    From the answer: cash and accrual, you can't have the same income posted as both.... If the retainer is non refundable, then it is income when received.

  • What is the best android phone for quickbooks online?

    From the answer: Great to hear from you,  cornerstonehmser .... You can use any Android phone as long as it meets the system requirement for QuickBooks Online (QBO) mobile.

  • Additional Federal Withholding

    From the answer: Hi there, ,   Welcome to our forums and thanks for reaching out to us.... Let's make sure you're able to re-sumbit your Federal payments in Quickbooks.

  • How can I record daily sales and inventory sales?

    From the answer: If you don't need to track per Inventory Item name and qty, then you missed this step: For each Date of Sales, you are also going to make a Periodic Adjustment.

  • How do I view emails sent from inside quickbooks

    From the answer: Glad to see you here,  gdcofer .... Let me provide some information about viewing emails in QBSE.... Are you referring to the invoices, receipts and the reports that you’ve sent from your QuickBooks Self-Employed account?

  • Schedule C

    From the answer: Your Profit & Loss report.

  • I just added my AMEX credit card to the Banks and Credit Cards, yet i do not see it listed.

    From the answer: Hello there, .... Welcome to the Community family.... I'd be happy to help share some insights on how to find or connect to your bank.

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