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  • Using QB desktop right now, about to start up ecommerce website

    From the answer: Hey  @JUSTG ,   Welcome to the community and welcome to e-commerce (I worked in a few e-commerce startups, so I'm super excited for you).

  • Need help/advice starting QuickBooks Self-Employed

    From the answer: Thanks so much.

  • Customer Relationship Managers?

    From the answer: @girlFRIDAY , I'll say two things about a CRM:   I've been using SalesForce for over a decade now and couldn't run my small business without it.

  • New User Questions

    From the answer: Hello Knotworkn.... Your outgoing payments are certainly not customers.... You need to enter bills and payments to vendors.

  • Quickbooks Crashed after installing WIndows Updates ...and what I did to "fix" it

    From the answer: Nice post OP.... Just wanted to add some clarifying info from my own experiences with this issue for others who may find it....   I'm an IT consultant for small businesses in my area, so I've been getting a bunch of calls about QuickBooks since last thur

  • Using a commercial kitchen to grow my brand

    From the answer: I think it is a good idea!... Depending mostly on what you plan to do.... I know a lot of small businesses in the food industry that start in a State inspected shared kitchen and grow their brand and bring in income until they have enough to start their own

  • Quickbooks 2016 - how to handle bank deposits and invoicing

    From the answer: Hello Redjournett,   Thanks for joining us here in the Community.... I'm glad to offer my assistance with these deposits.

  • Adding custom internal notes to an invoice.

    From the answer: Hi there, IanMason.... Let me help you check why the internal notes won?t show on the sales forms.... After following the instructions provided by @AliciaRoy , you should see the internal notes on your sales forms.

  • Changing the invoiced customer after payment has been received

    From the answer: You will have to delete the deposit first.... Then delete the customer payment.... Change the invoice, reenter the customer payment & finally reenter the deposit.

  • Recognizing revenue at fulfillment

    From the answer: Hi Elena, When you invoice upfront for products/services to be delivered later over time (possibly with payment received upfront too - though for accrual accounting and reports the payment transaction is irrelevant), then your company has generated a

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