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  • How do I sync my license? I get the message "trouble syncing; try again later.

    From the answer: How are you,  ed.ellingson... ?... I haven't got any response from you regarding with your syncing of license issue.

  • So I went to Send Forms and I tried to delete one invoice and it deleted all of them. How do i get them back>

    From the answer: hopefully you backed up before doing that, if so restore from back up otherwise you will have to re-enter them

  • Assign tax lines to your accounts

    From the answer: You posted a Title.... You didn't include any text for a question.... This is not Live Chat; it is a peer user internet forum.

  • migration to quickbooks online

    From the answer: Each existing DT file has to be individually exported to a new or existing QBO file.... And, of course, each new online company is its own fee based subscription attached to your account To export DT, (import into QBO)

  • unauthorized credit card payment

    From the answer: Hello,  killeenlandscape .... I'm here to provide the help you need and guide you to the right support.... In this case, we'll need to check your account and verify the unauthorized credit card payment.

  • Small school. we charge sports fees. Can I see all payments that go into the sports fees?

    From the answer: You don't look for Payments.... The Fees are your Charge Items.... You can run Sales by Item reporting, on that one item.

  • How does the new iCloud Drive functionality in QB Mac 2019 work?

    From the answer: The short answer is you can have your QB company file in an iCloud shared location and it will be safe to access it on two machines.

  • How do I change a client name?

    From the answer: Edit any name to Change it.... Or, use Lists menu > Add/Edit Multiple, select Customer.... Edit Customer Name here and hit Save once in a while.

  • Did the print check feature change in quickbooks?

    From the answer: Hello there,  cheridig , QuickBooks lets you print checks one at a time or by batch.... Based on your description, it seems that you choose the Assign check number radio button.

  • How can I download a TRIAL version for Quickbooks enterprise 17?

    From the answer: Thank you for posting here in the Community,  sergio.perez .... Let me route you to the right support who can help you with downloading QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 2017.

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