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  • Customer refunds

    From the answer: Hi there, ABakhshian ,   I'm here to help you find a solution to your concern.... First, let's pull up a Customer Balance Detail report to trace which payments are not linked to your invoices.

  • Inventory Location Numbers on Pick Slips

    From the answer: bring up the invoice template, click formatting tab click customize data layout, click the column tab check mark the custom field for screen and or print the numbers to the right side of the field are display numbers, 1 being the left most column

  • Archiving data for a closed company

    From the answer: If you have any other open companies on hosted Enterprise your online backups on Intuit servers will continue to be accessible

  • Quickbooks Mac 2015 Accounts Glitch

    From the answer: Welcome aboard, cpsrealestate.... I'm here to help you fix the balance in QuickBooks Desktop for Mac.... You'll need to run the Verify/Rebuild Data Utility to identify and fix any data issues within the company file.

  • credit card late fee

    From the answer: Enter it in your credit card register like the charges you make.

  • Where to enter currency in invoice.iif?

    From the answer: I find what is wrong.... I should create an account "Account Receivable - USD" for importing.

  • Sales order not showing as invoiced but has been invoiced

    From the answer: It's great to hear from you again, .... Let me help figure out the proper action to take in fixing your sales order transaction in QuickBooks.

  • 3rd party Pays the sub-contractor

    From the answer: You are describing something like "Bank uses construction loan to pay my subs" or "I got third party checks to sign over to the subs."

  • Where do I tell Quickbooks 2009 to save downloaded templates to be able to open them in "manage templates"?

    From the answer: Do you use Word?... Word document files are .doc.... The concept is the same for QB templates.... They are .des... files.

  • How to account for 3 different Freight & Shipping in QuickBooks 2014 desktop?

    From the answer: @ChrisSinFL   Let's do this the easy way   You charge customers for shipping, that is income, create a service item called pre-paid shipping and select an income account for it to post to, I create an income account called pre-paid shipping and use t

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