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  • change User password

    From the answer: Let's make sure you can change the user's password,  markmazzie .... The prompt is part of the password security update of QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Permissions for custom roles and credit card imports

    From the answer: Good day,  kwinkelman .... I'm here to help you modify a role that will be able to import credit card charges in QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Why aren't my Price Rules working?

    From the answer: Good day,  Runner27 ,  I'm here to help fix the issue with the price rules.... Price rules created should automatically work when you create an invoice.

  • are there resellers of quickbooks pro in the Philippines?

    From the answer: Thank you for your interest in using QuickBooks Pro, Vicvillano.... I’ll be glad to let you know that we have one reseller in the Philippines.

  • 3rd Parties QBMS?

    From the answer: You are posting on a peer user forum on the internet.... This is not "QB" or Intuit live chat and Merchant Services is a different function, too.

  • How do I print a check register with "print name on check as" not the vendor name to upload to the bank for positive pay verification?

    From the answer: QuickBooks won't include the Print As name on reports and isn't designed to create positive pay files.

  • credit card receipt

    From the answer: You already Asked, here:

  • How do I add an existing credit card account to the accounts I can use to pay payroll liabilities?

    From the answer: QB doesn't have a feature to pay payroll liabilities using a credit card, but you an still do it.... To record payment made using a credit card, pay your liabilities the normal way creating a payroll liability check.

  • 1.Inventory center issue for Normal user. 2.Post dated Checks issue ? we have attachment which contains issue list.

    From the answer: I don't think you can put any of the limits you list on QB users.

  • Why is Enterprise not calculating FIFO yet it's set up for FIFO?

    From the answer: I appreciate you checking in with the QuickBooks Community today, mara.billick.... I'm here to help find a workaround so we can have QuickBooks Enterprise calculate FIFO set up.

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