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  • Customer Payments are duplicated by transactions downloaded from bank.

    From the answer: Hello ,   Thank you for providing me with a screenshot of your duplicated payments.... You'll need to delete the deposit to remove the duplicate.

  • Merchant Center

    From the answer: Hi hogganjulie9,    If your features are not working as expected, we can perform a few basic troubleshooting steps to fix this.

  • How to re-invite a user in the merchant services?

    From the answer: Hi there, .... To re-invite the user, you may need to delete it first and add the user again.... It's my pleasure to help guide you how.

  • Paid invoice but not deposited

    From the answer: There's no need to worry,  bowigg .... In QuickBooks Merchant Services, the deposit will take 3-5 banking days before it will reflect on your bank account.

  • Process a payment ifrom multiple Merchant Service Centers?

    From the answer: Hello, .... Thank you for posting in the Community.... I'm here to lend a hand with importing your payments from outside merchant processing company.

  • Create and manage your Payments user ID

    From the answer: Thanks for reaching out and raising this situation to our attention, LLG2,   Let me get the help you need to ensure you'd able to add user in your mechant account.

  • I want to know why we were charged on our credit card on 3/16/2019 for $3,625.20?

    From the answer: Hello,   This is a public user community board.... No one here has access to your account or can discuss billing issues pertaining to your account.

  • Categorize payment from client for vendor

    From the answer: Hi there, !... Let me share a few insights about how you can categorize the payments you received.... But I still recommend contacting your accountant for further advice in handling this type of payments.

  • Credit card convenience fee

    From the answer: Sending good vibes to you,  pwoodward .... Let me help and get you pointed in the direction so you can notify your provider about credit card convenience fee.

  • how to load invoice onto gopayment

    From the answer: Welcome to the Community,  default_wasabi_u .... Allow me to share some insights about the GoPayment App.

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