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  • Is inventory an expense?

    From the answer: Congratulations on your new QuickBooks Online account,  amandatni .... I can provide you with some information about inventory in QuickBooks Online.

  • QB Online

    From the answer: Your accountant needs to add you as a user and give you full permissions so that you can add other users if you want them.

  • How to Setup Auto-pay on Recurring Bills? Is it possible to connect the bank chase card for Auto-pay?

    From the answer: Hello ianne,   The auto-pay feature for recurring bills is currently available in QuickBooks Desktop.

  • How can I accrue PTO for PTO hours taken?

    From the answer: Hello  BooksSource , I can help you set up a paid time off (PTO) that accrues per hour worked.... In QuickBooks Online, you can set up a paid time off policy for your company, and then assign it to your employees.

  • Does full service payroll take care of quarterly forms such as the 941?

    From the answer: Hello, Yes.  here is a link that talks about everything Full Service Payroll does.... (picture below also)

  • Have not updated bank transcations in a while. I just did an update and my 2018 transactions did not update. Why would they not update?

    From the answer: There's a way to upload more than 90 days worth of bank transactions, andrew-kummer.... In addition to BRC's answer, you can manually upload bank transactions instead.

  • What are the Unpaid Wages in the Commited Costs by Job report please?

    From the answer: Hello there,  Mahmoud Aljawhary , I'm here to help you determine and locate the unpaid wages in the Committed Cost by Job report.

  • I can't go to "Employee " area

    From the answer: Hi Australia,   Let's check if this behavior is caused by a full cache.... A cache stores your browsing data so it quickly reloads when you revisit a web page.

  • My invoice number is not changing

    From the answer: Hello there, julie.hancock_59,... That's weird.... There shouldn't be the same invoice number.... Are these invoices created on the mobile app?

  • Unapplied Bill Payment Check

    From the answer: Hi there,  SwTrinity .... I'd be happy to help you apply the bill payment check to the right bill.... I agree with you.

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