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  • I need a report that shows minimum balance of an account by month and year

    From the answer: Just not something you can get from QB at all   You could run a detailed report per account and manually scan for the lowest balance ...

  • Exporting invoices as Excel/CSV files

    From the answer: UK has different taxes (VAT, etc) and I don't know if it can represent the invoices accurately that were made in the US (which QuickBooks Mac assumes).

  • Undeposited Funds

    From the answer: Check your chart of accounts and confirm you do not have duplicate accounts.... The QB generated undeposited funds account is the only one that will show content from make deposits.

  • change the type of an item.

    From the answer: hi @ Catterfield, You could change your industry setting from menu Help > Manage My License > Change to a Different Edition.

  • Error 3371 Status Code -1

    From the answer: hi @ Vivianalv , You should try this following solution:

  • Formatting the Sales Receipt window in QB Desktop

    From the answer: Hello, meshmash.... Here’s how you can add the deposit to field when creating a sales receipt: Click Edit at the top.

  • How do I delete a deposit?

    From the answer: You are correct, Alan_in_SC.... You can delete the donation as soon as you have deleted the deposit.... Let's go back to the deposit so you can remove it from your books.

  • Quickbooks Pro 2019 to Premier 2019

    From the answer: hi  , Please call Intuit agent to ask refund for your Pro 2019.... You should be still eligible to claim money back guarantee up to now.

  • How can subtotal lines be added to a report?

    From the answer: What report are you working with?... Have you checked customize to see if there is a "sub total by" selection box?

  • Quickbooks Desktop pro 2018

    From the answer: look at the top right of the vendor center window, it there is an arrow (<), click it

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