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  • Using SEND FORM for MASS Email Delivery - question regarding the template

    From the answer: Hello there, ,    I appreciate you providing on-point details about sending mass email delivery using Send Forms tool in the program.

  • I am importing a chart of accounts with an IFF file. I need a list of the appropriate account type codes. Ex: Income acct type code is INC

    From the answer: Get the list of account types codes by exporting the chart of accounts to an IIF file and then opening that IIF file and reviewing it.

  • IIF Import Issue

    From the answer: I appreciate you reaching out to the Community, coastalacct,   I'm here to provide information about importing IIF in QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Cannot get rid of "Request for New Login" business service message.

    From the answer: Thanks for bringing this concern to my attention, .... To make sure your on the same page, may I know what are you trying to do upon receiving the message?

  • How do I convert a Quicken 2008 file to my Quickbooks Pro 2018 desktop?

    From the answer: hi   , You should visit this link for starter:

  • Uncommanded shutdown

    From the answer: Welcome to the Community, .... Let’s update QuickBooks to the latest release to resolve the problem.... Once done, try emailing the documents again.

  • Customer return for parts out of spec

    From the answer: Hello there, ,   The invoice now become non-collectible since you don't want to return the parts to your inventory.

  • Upgrade 2016 Desktop to QB 2019 Desktop?

    From the answer: Hello there, .... I came across your original post about the same concern, and I'm adding the link below for easier reference.

  • Download process

    From the answer: A warm welcome to the Community,  daveseifert2019 .... I'm here to lend a helping hand in updating your QuickBooks Desktop.

  • "Ship Date" on Invoice

    From the answer: You've come to the right place, .... Let me help you change the settings to set the current date as default in QuickBooks Desktop.

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