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  • Downloading credit card charges

    From the answer: I am able to download Chase cards to QuickBooks.... Make sure you are downloading to QuickBooks (results in a .qbo

  • QBMac 2019 wont remember passwords to download transactions.

    From the answer: It's nice to see you again in the Community, .... The password should be saved if you checked the Save/Add to Keychain box during the initial Online Banking Setup.

  • Sales report for sub items

    From the answer: Hi there, !... You can pull up your Sales by Item Detail report.... I'm here to help you accomplish this so you run a sales report of your sub-items.

  • Help reports/ items tab for contractors

    From the answer: Good to hear from you today,  tntheather .... You've got me here to help you generate a report that can compare your purchases for a particular customer job.

  • Multi-user, no host

    From the answer: hi   , You must consider to host your files but not using public clouds like Dropbox, Gdrive, or similar solution.

  • QB 2010 and Office 365 x64 Compatibility

    From the answer: I want to officially welcome you to the Community, BillD.... Thanks for providing in-depth information about the QuickBooks Desktop compatibility concern and for trying the recommended troubleshooting.

  • Install Outlook Client on your system to select this option

    From the answer: Hey ,   You'll need to locally install Outlook in your computer to send emails.... I'd be happy to add more details about this and help you further.

  • uploading online back up of company file

    From the answer: Hey there, Sebastian22.... The following are the steps to restore a backup file from the online backup: Click File at the top.

  • Can a customer pay a statement by credit card or bank transfer?

    From the answer: Hello  TTI ,   The " Pay Now " option is only available for invoices transaction.... Applying it to statement is unavailable.

  • How do i record a partial refund from a store purchase paid by a debit card

    From the answer: create a deposit to that bank account, use the same expense account as the original purchase used as the source account for the deposit.

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