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  • Sell a supplier

    From the answer: Hey @ounsi ,   Thanks for posting your question in the Community.... I can help with invoicing your supplier that's now a customer.

  • QBO Self Employed or QBO Essentials - which is best for...

    From the answer: QBSE is designed for someone who uses the same bank account and/or c/card for personal and business, and has no interest in reconciling or even tracking the bank balance

  • Capital Gains on the Exchange of a Foreign Currency

    From the answer: I refer you to 2016 update from the IRS regarding treatment of exchange on "non-functional" currency which for your purposes would be 100% ordinary gain no matter how long you keep the CAD in an account or under your mattress.

  • Creating a Bill with Frieght

    From the answer: you adjust the total cost per item, it does not have to be equal for all items.... ie if shipping is 0.99 and there are two items item one gets 0.49 added to the item total item two gets 0.50 added to the item total

  • Credit Card Imports

    From the answer: We appreciate you choosing QuickBooks Online in managing your business, @kdhpmc2 .... I can help you import your credit card transactions in QuickBooks Online.

  • Do More with Apps: Greenback

    From the answer: To obtain this app, open up your QuickBooks Online account and click on the Apps tab from the left-side menu.

  • Commission Advances

    From the answer: Code the payment to Accounts Payable.... That creates an open credit on the vendor/contractor's account, to be used later when commission is earned and you create the Bill

  • delete credit note

    From the answer: Hello and welcome to the Community, @Jaafar al zein .... I've got just the steps you'll need to delete that credit note and Receive Payment on your Delayed Charge.

  • Entering Medical Device Sales/Delivery Tickets

    From the answer: Create an estimate for each rep listing the items they take with them, I assume they are taking inventory items (requires QBO Plus).

  • QB online payments

    From the answer: Good day, @rotary202 .... Thanks for getting back to us.... I'd be glad to help you with your concern.... If your bank is connected to your QuickBooks Online account, you can create the transaction and “Add fund to this deposit” and select Bank Charges from the

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