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  • My invoices are not printing a total.

    From the answer: Hello there,  PatP3005 ,  I appreciate you sharing the troubleshooting steps you’ve done to help resolve your issue.

  • Tax Line Assign

    From the answer: Yes, your accountant users (QBOA) using Trial Balance can map all accounts.... For whatever reason QuickBooks does not trust you to do it yourself.

  • Switch from QuickBooks Accountant Online back to client's QuickBooks

    From the answer: Hi pino,   If you invite an accountant user to your QuickBooks Online they will get access to your books through QuickBooks Online for Accountants.

  • Linking the QB account with the bank account

    From the answer: Thanks you for sharing a screen grab of the error, beancounter2.... You can report this directly to our engineering team that resolves online banking errors.

  • QBOA Email Notificaions

    From the answer: I've got you covered, @twingatejr .... Adjusting client email notifications is a cinch and I'll be happy to guide you through doing so below:   Customize email notifications for client companies In your online accounting firm, navigate to the client's co

  • My Quickbooks balance is higher than my bank balance

    From the answer: Hey @jujusmr ,   I'm glad you've joined the Community.... I can provide clarification on the QuickBooks Online (QBO) balance not matching the one at the bank.

  • Transfer data to another online quickbooks compay

    From the answer: Hello,   You would need to export the first online company file to desktop and then export from desktop to the new online file.

  • Is there a way to accept a client invitation within Quickbooks Accountant Online? I consistently get an error following the email link.

    From the answer: Appreciate your time for raising this to our attention, doug.brady,... Just to verify, are you using a Gmail account to accept client’s invitation in which the hyperlink isn’t working?

  • How can I fix this deposit transaction from 2017?

    From the answer: the screen shot looks like an invoice that has been paid, the deposit amount is subtracted from the total due and you received the balance a deposit should have posted to a liability when received, so that is the starting place - was it?

  • Can a payroll deduction from an employee's paycheck be used to repay an employee loan? If so, how do you designate the asset account that is decreased with each payment?

    From the answer: Yes, as long as your state law allows.... This is considered a voluntary deduction and employee advances or loans are certainly covered.

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