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  • 401 K needs adjusted for previous year

    From the answer: Hello kjenkins,   It would be my pleasure to help you adjust the 401k deduction of your employee in QuickBooks Desktop.

  • How to email statements & invoice in one email?

    From the answer: This is a great idea for a new software feature, @theresamarie .... Our goal is to make QuickBooks the go-to app for all sorts of small business owners.

  • cannot email pending transaction error

    From the answer: Thanks for coming here,  TheGoodStitch .... Let me help  you get rid of the prompt message you're getting when working with invoices.

  • Create a Progress Invoice showing Payments Made and Progress of Work Done

    From the answer: Oh: Grayed Out = this is info QB already finds or is pulling from elsewhere and is not Yours to manually control.

  • Budget Overview Report -- account not showing

    From the answer: Thanks for your suggestions, but I figured it out myself.... I went back to the Budget 2019 that I had set up and saw that the missing account was blank for each month, and it should have been zero for each month.

  • Printing Picklist when items on sales order has 2 different sites

    From the answer: Hello Mickey,   Currently, we're unable to print a packing slip that filters the items from the sales order.

  • How To Run a Materials Spent By Job

    From the answer: Good day, @JeanPyer .... Thank you for posting again in the Community.... I appreciate you telling us about the details of the report you need to run.

  • Set to Inactive

    From the answer: No that won't stop them.... Stop them by editing or deleting them from your memorized transaction list.

  • Previous balance on invoice includes current invoice, can it be only previous balance?

    From the answer: Changing the Balance Total column to show the previous balance only is unavailable, TTI.... You'll want to use the Transactions tab in the Customer Information  window.

  • State Unemployment Insurance Q4 online report / payment off by $0.01 from what is in QB Enhanced Payroll?

    From the answer: Hello there, .... Thank you for joining the Community.... I'd be happy to help share some insights about the penny difference in your State Unemployment Insurance (SUI) tax payment.

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