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  • QB Payroll turning itself off ?

    From the answer: Hey there, ekileen.... Welcome to the QuickBooks Community.... I’d be glad to help you get the Payroll Center working so you can efficiently manage your business.

  • Payroll not recognizing start date of new employee

    From the answer: Hi there ubuibme, I’m happy to help you create a paycheck for your new employee in Intuit Online Payroll.

  • NEED DE9

    From the answer: Hello there, RICH_1 ,   I can share some information about filing your California state forms in QuickBooks.

  • How do you record / pay tax penalty payments?

    From the answer: Welcome, @GiuseppeM and thank you for coming to the QuickBooks Community for assistance.... I have some insight on posting penalties/interest in QB Desktop to pass along.


    From the answer: Greetings, Daisy2.... Thanks for reaching out to us here in the Community.... I want to ensure you stay on top with your taxes and payroll.

  • Sales Report to automate payroll to sales reps

    From the answer: Good day, @customappbuild .... Welcome to the Community!... I can provide information about generating a report to automate payroll to a sales rep.

  • Error in extras bootstrap [TypeError: Cannot read property 'child' of undefined]

    From the answer: It’s great to see you here, elizabethlarson.... I’m here to help you transmit the 941 tax payment.... So far, there aren't ongoing investigations about this error message.

  • Why do we have a MO Modes 4-7 form on our "To Do List" when we are a business in the State of Georgia?

    From the answer: Hi there,  jeffreytobias ,  I’ll share what I know about incorrect State forms that are showing up on your To Do list.

  • Your Online Payroll system has not been able to export anything for several months already. When are you going to fix it?

    From the answer: Hello, snuvet75, Thanks for raising this to our attention.... Let me get the help you need in exporting data to QuickBooks for Windows.

  • how do I print a copy of a previous 941?

    From the answer: I'm glad you're here, laurame .... I can help you print a copy of your previous 941 form.... To print your previous federal form, here's how: Go to

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