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  • Sales order not showing as invoiced but has been invoiced

    From the answer: It's great to hear from you again, .... Let me help figure out the proper action to take in fixing your sales order transaction in QuickBooks.

  • I want to show a deduction in a payroll check that does not affect wages.

    From the answer: Thank you for posting here in the Community, @Nancy at ATI .... I'd be delighted to help you create a deduction item on your payroll check that only affect the net amount.

  • Should I specify our bank as a vendor for Service Charges and Dividends?

    From the answer: Hello,   Yes.... Typically your bank would be setup as a Vendor because they provide a service (your bank account) that you typically pay for (maintenance fees).

  • Correcting the date on an invoice? (Quickbooks desktop 2016)

    From the answer: In Desktop there is a user Preference setting (in General) called "Default date for new transactions" you can choose either "today" or "last date used" - you may have the latter setting.

  • WIll quickbooks work with an Equipment rental company? If so how do you set up rental equipment?

    From the answer: Your rental equipment is managed as Service items, or Noninventory Items, because that links to the Rental Income account

  • How do I import CC transactions that are older than 5 months?

    From the answer: Thanks for getting back to me, AMT2 .... In this case, I'd recommend contacting your bank to check if they can provide the bank files older than 5 months.

  • 3rd party Pays the sub-contractor

    From the answer: You are describing something like "Bank uses construction loan to pay my subs" or "I got third party checks to sign over to the subs."

  • Running Reports

    From the answer: Start with your P&L and double click the COGS account to get a detail report.

  • Refund Entire Check

    From the answer: Write the check from your bank account and use the AR account as the account.... Then create or edit the payment transaction and select the refund check to apply it to.

  • How do i add a custom data field to an invoice template?

    From the answer: A Prepayment or Deposit request is not Half of the actual sale.... It's a completely different Charge item.

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