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  • Company going out of business, 2 days of pay, how do I pay a salaried employee for just 2 days?

    From the answer: Hello there, @gsimpson ,   Thanks for getting in touch with us today.... I can help you pay your salaried employee based on his days worked.

  • Create 2018 1099's - only 2017 grrrr

    From the answer: Hi there, lfking .... I appreciate you performing some tests in order to create the 2018 1099's.... We can try some more steps to resolve this.

  • Annual billing for payroll does not show up on Desktop Pro 2017

    From the answer: We're glad to have you here in the Community,  auntpandy61 .... I'd be delighted to help you change your payment method in QuickBooks Desktop.

  • 2017 940 is recording a negative amount on line 4.

    From the answer: Hey there, gkabel.... Thanks for joining us here in the Community.... I'm here to help figure out the amount showing on your 940 form.

  • File my 941

    From the answer: Hi there, @John Snow .... Thank you for visiting us here today.... I can share some information about the filing of 941 form in QuickBooks.

  • Creating Certified Payroll Reports

    From the answer: Hi there, @Kellye Finch .... I appreciate you joining us here in the Community.... I can share some information about getting the Oregon state payroll reports and tax payments in QuickBooks.

  • My automatic payroll tax update was interrupted and now I don't know how to re-run it so the new tax is added to my employee files.

    From the answer: Sending good vibes to you,  Dayna33 .... I can provide you with the easy steps on how to update your payroll tax table.

  • Payroll

    From the answer: Hi there, MoMak.... Thanks for reaching out to me about this.... I'm here to help make sure you can run payroll successfully.

  • Many Q&A discuss how to pay a 1099 employee, but I am a 1099 Advisor myself.

    From the answer: the 1099 is an information form, it tells the IRS and you how much you were paid - as log as your gross sales equal or exceed that amount nothing happens.

  • Employee Pay

    From the answer: Hello there, @Vrivers .... I'm glad to welcome you to the Community.... It's my pleasure to help you with your payroll.

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