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  • reseting the sales order number back to one

    From the answer: Hey there, ,   I appreciate your time joining us today.... I can share some insights on how to update sales order numbers in QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Itemized by Categories report that is no longer in QB Pro 2017

    From the answer: DON'T YOU HATE WHEN YOUR FIRST POST IS IN ERROR?... Sorry, I was looking for the report in QBs when it was in Quicken.

  • setting up a loan for debt with money borrowed from 2 sources

    From the answer: Hi there, .... Welcome to the Community.... I'd be happy to help walk you through how to set up the loan in your QuickBooks Desktop.

  • How do I create an invoice from an estimte with service items and then add time and costs to that same invoice

    From the answer: Hi there, @ Montgomery Minds .... Yes, you're correct, there's no way to fill in the estimate amount by hand when deleting the item on the estimate.

  • How to record a claim check from UPS

    From the answer: Hello there, Mike_ASG .... I'm glad you've reached out to the QuickBooks Community.... Let me help guide you on how to record a claim check from UPS in QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Changing Vendor name even though have made payments through bank feed

    From the answer: It’s great to have you here, @RTI .... I’d like to take this opportunity to furnish you with some information on how QuickBooks Online handles updating your vendors information.

  • Re-sort lists

    From the answer: Hello there, .... Let's get this sorted out so you can successfully sort your customer list by zip code when printing labels.

  • Printing joint checks to vendors

    From the answer: Welcome to the Community,  Westpac .... Allow me to provide you some information about printing joint checks for vendors via QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Balance Sheet

    From the answer: duplicate, closed - well shoot forgot this was the new community and we can no longer close threads that are duplicates

  • Report for deposited customer payments

    From the answer: Hello,  Nancy23.... You can run the Transactions List by Customer report.... This shows all your customer’s invoices with their corresponding payments.

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