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  • payroll

    From the answer: Hello there,  Luisargote .... It could be that the amount that you've deposited to your employee is the gross pay and your she receives the net pay.

  • What is the address for product returns?

    From the answer: The address for the product return depends on where you've purchased the subscription,  unhappy1007 .

  • On "enter payroll information" screen, clicking continue has no result

    From the answer: Hello there, amot.... Let's update QuickBooks Desktop to the latest release and see if you can click on Continue .

  • I keep recieving an error mesaage when downloading quickbooks pro desktop

    From the answer: Hi there,  john9386 .... If you're installing QuickBooks Desktop using the migrator tool, this issue has been escalated to our engineers.

  • Is there a way to choose which direct deposits are sent instead of sending all at once?

    From the answer: No, there isn't.... All pending DD orders are sent when you send.

  • Is there a way to track profitability

    From the answer: Reports by customer and Job are just standard stuff from the reports menu under Jobs: Job Profitabilty summary (or detail) or P&L by Job in both cases you may want to Filter onto a single customer   Invoice based profitability will only work if the o

  • how do I disable direct deposit

    From the answer: I can route you to the right support,  Michelle .... The option to disable the Direct Deposit feature in QuickBooks Desktop is unavailable.

  • Could help me unlock a direct deposit from my company because it does not let me make them

    From the answer: Hello there, .... Thank you for posting here on the Community page.... I'm here to help unlock your direct deposit.

  • Print Later suddenly defaults as unchecked on Purchase Orders

    From the answer: Hello,  Design Theory Hardware .... Let me share some insights about the print later option in QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Connection Has Been Lost

    From the answer: I appreciate you for sharing the exact error message and screenshots, Alnada.... Thanks a lot for following the troubleshooting in our knowledge-based articles.

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