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    From the answer: Hello there, .... I appreciate you taking the time posting in the Community.... I'd be happy to help share the steps adding the 3% credit card fee to match your deposit and bank statement.

  • Can I print out 2019 W-2s yet

    From the answer: Yes, they've been available since January when they were due.... They're long overdue now.

  • Budget

    From the answer: Hi there, Ryder .... Thanks for letting me know.... Let me help ensure your Profit and Loss report, and Budget for Profit and Loss will match in QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Does Enterprise version allow manufactureres to issue to assemly parts incrementally or does it issue all at once, as in Premier?

    From the answer: All at once just like in premier

  • Closing a report that refuses to closs

    From the answer: Thanks for checking in with us,  Njennings .... I can lend a hand in closing a report in QuickBooks Desktop.

  • How am I able to invoice a sales order when the item I put on a purchase order has not been received yet?

    From the answer: Thanks for checking in with us,  MCsandhills .... Allow me to help and provide you with some information about creating an invoice for the items that have not been received yet in QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Importing invoice to QB Mac 2019

    From the answer: Hello ,   You can import your transactions from Expensify using an MS Excel file.... Let me provide more details and help you further.

  • vacation hours not deducting

    From the answer: This means the vacation item you're using isn't actually a vacation item, despite it's name.... You can't change an existing item to be a sick or vacation item, so in this case set up a new vacation pay item being careful to pick the vacation item and th

  • Creating Paycheck from Time Sheet data

    From the answer: Hello,    You can avoid turning of the Use Time sheet to create paycheck feature by importing the timesheet through Time Activity instead.

  • How to recalculate Federal Tax withholding on a completed payroll for one employee?

    From the answer: Hi Wiesman!   It's a good thing that you haven't processed the paycheck yet.... The change will take effect going forward, so I suggest editing the existing paycheck to apply the change in the Federal Withholding tax.

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