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  • Can I print out 2019 W-2s yet

    From the answer: Yes, they've been available since January when they were due.... They're long overdue now.

  • Our other computer is not loading QB. Yesterday was fine

    From the answer: Hello there,  284237911 .... There are a few possible reasons as to why QuickBooks Desktop stops working.

  • Simple way to auto-generate an inventory report once per day?

    From the answer: Yes you can set up an automatic or scheduled report.... The two links I include cover first, customizing reports in QB desktop and second (also accessible link from first) details on precisely setting of a scheduled report.

  • Needing to upgrade and I'd like to switch from PC to the Mac Version

    From the answer: Hi there,  Carilarsen .... Thanks for joining the Community.... I'm here to share a few details about switching to QuickBooks Desktop for Mac from Windows.

  • Import not working

    From the answer: It looks like this is a duplicate post, Susan607.... Let me link you to the original thread where my colleague responded to your question.

  • Charges billable to Customers?

    From the answer: Once you have marked expenses or items as billable you still have to bill them by adding them to a customer invoice.

  • Open PO's prior month

    From the answer: It's good to hear from you today,  kwhite01 .... I can help you generate a report that shows all the open POs for the prior dates in QuickBooks Desktop.

  • standard profit & loss statement account numbers appeared. I use account numbers in g/l but not statements. How do I remove them from the Profit & Loss Statement

    From the answer: Glad to see you here in the Community,  ram .... I can help you with removing the account numbers from your account number from your reports.

  • bank account setup

    From the answer: You're on the right track, !... Some transactions may not be imported once you convert to QuickBooks Desktop.

  • How do I setup a 2% 15th prox, net 30 payment term

    From the answer: Hello there, .... I'm here to help you set up and create an invoice for 2% 15th prox, net 30 payment term.

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