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  • Importing invoice to QB Mac 2019

    From the answer: Hello ,   You can import your transactions from Expensify using an MS Excel file.... Let me provide more details and help you further.

  • editing invoices

    From the answer: The bill and/or check were you recorded the original purchase allocates the expense account, the reimbursement is income and only offsets the original expense unless you marked up the sale.

  • Charges billable to Customers?

    From the answer: Once you have marked expenses or items as billable you still have to bill them by adding them to a customer invoice.

  • Deposits

    From the answer: How many payments comprise the two deposits?

  • Sales receipt refund appears in Open Invoice report

    From the answer: From the QB user guide   Although you have recorded both the credit memo and the check, you still need to connect the check to the credit memo so that QuickBooks can track the transaction correctly.

  • I have been using Quickbooks 2016. I just installed 2019. How do I transfer everything to 2019?

    From the answer: From QB Mac 2019 use file>open company or the browse option from the no company open window and navigate to your company file.

  • Adobe Reader for Quickbooks for Mc 2019

    From the answer: Thanks for checking in with us,  Tecks .... Let me share some insights regarding using the Adobe Reader for QuickBooks for Mac 20919.

  • Can I restore a .QBM file on a Mac? I'm using QB for Mac 2016

    From the answer: Not if you created it using Windows QB.... Instead, open the file using Windows QB and then create a copy for the mac using the built in feature on the File | Utilities menu.

  • Daily Sales Summary - why does Mac version not allow multiple payments?

    From the answer: Hi, Nightingale7.... Entering multiple payment methods is unavailable in QuickBooks.... You can only select one payment type on one sales receipt transaction.


    From the answer: Try customers>time tracking>weekly time sheet, enter the name you used in MyTime.

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