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  • Filing IN State Forms ( UC-1 ) for payroll liabilities, need a ICESA/CSV file format

    From the answer: There's no need for you to convert the PDF document, precisionpulse.... QuickBooks gives you an option to create a State SUI file (ICESA type) that can be uploaded on your state website.

  • Does Windows 10 not run my version of Quickbooks 2009?

    From the answer: No, only QB 2017 and newer are designed to run properly with Windows 10. (Perhaps the last release of QB 2016 as well.)

  • How do I get notified that tax forms are due?

    From the answer: You can create a To Do reminder, NJpatsfan   Currently, QuickBooks Desktop unable to send reminders whenever tax forms are due.

  • Customer Center: Job Information: Contacts Tab

    From the answer: Hi the_tile_setters,   We're unable to get the Contacts from other jobs even if it's under the same customer.

  • 500 Internal Server Error

    From the answer: You'll usually get this error when there's an internet interruption, CyndyR.... Let's try to use other network in accessing QuickBooks.

  • Setting up additonal compnay and can't get by "Glad you're here" page, even with all required data filled in.

    From the answer: Hi there,  shelbymansfieldkoa .... There are some special characters that can cause why you can't get by the Glad you're here page.

  • My current Quickbooks program is not showing up in my Intuit account

    From the answer: Hi there,  drmike1 .... It's possible that your new license number is registered to another account number.

  • Merge duplicate customers

    From the answer: Hello there, awade,   It's possible that the job you moved has no pending transactions.... You can delete and recreate the payment associated on that job.

  • back-up file

    From the answer: When you restore a backup  you'll get exactly what you had when you backed up the file.... If you restore on top of your existing company file, then it will be gone, replaced by the backed up version of the file.

  • Payroll Quarterly Reports

    From the answer: Hello there, .... I'd be more that happy to help guide you on how to pull up the quarterly report in Quickbooks Desktop.

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