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  • fields are not being filled in on our payroll system and we cannot print payrool

    From the answer: Hello there, .... Let's review and correct your payroll setup, if needed, so you can print your payroll successfully.

  • Average cost of an Item

    From the answer: Greetings,  yousuf791 .... Allow me to help and provide you with some information about using the average cost in QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Set-up Payroll Items

    From the answer: Hello there,  mimosahc , You don't need to set up additional federal tax payroll items because QuickBooks Desktop has created them for you.

  • Deleteing wrong direct payroll checks that have not been sent yet

    From the answer: Delete paychecks one at a time by opening them from your bank register.... In the future, you can also change their dates by opening them in the register with no need to create a second batch.

  • Customer Center: Job Information: Contacts Tab

    From the answer: Hi the_tile_setters,   We're unable to get the Contacts from other jobs even if it's under the same customer.

  • 500 Internal Server Error

    From the answer: You'll usually get this error when there's an internet interruption, CyndyR.... Let's try to use other network in accessing QuickBooks.

  • Can I add multiple Jobs to the same invoice??

    From the answer: I'm here with clarifications in creating an invoice, jandhcody.... Currently, you can only add one Job to an invoice.

  • Merge duplicate customers

    From the answer: Hello there, awade,   It's possible that the job you moved has no pending transactions.... You can delete and recreate the payment associated on that job.

  • back-up file

    From the answer: When you restore a backup  you'll get exactly what you had when you backed up the file.... If you restore on top of your existing company file, then it will be gone, replaced by the backed up version of the file.

  • Negative Inventory on an item with $0.00 Average Cost - Implications

    From the answer: Do an inventory adjust, set the adjusting account to COGS or better a sub account of COGS called shrinkage, and increase the qty so that there is zero on hand   BEFORE you save, look at the bottom right, if the value is zero save it, if not back out

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