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  • Cancelling a users login for QB Desktop 2019 Pro

    From the answer: Let route you to the team who has access to your billing information, Jess!... We have a dedicated team who can manage your subscription to remove the other user's license.

  • How can I change the type of business in Quickbooks?

    From the answer: hi @ sperales , Aside of industry edition, business type is an irrevocable setting.... You have to reinstall QuickBooks and set it up again.

  • QB changes my opening balance in reconcile after a balanced reconciliation

    From the answer: The opening balance you see is the sum of all cleared transactions in the account.... If you reconcile with a given ending balance, and then later when you reconcile again and that is not the opening balance, then someone altered one or more reconciled t

  • Changing Invoice Save takes five minutes

    From the answer: This is probably caused by a corrupted admin user, TSGroup.... Let's changed your password to refresh your account.

  • How to change Multi currency into US Dollar in Quick Book Desktop?

    From the answer: You're unable to change your home currency after you turn on the Multi-currency feature, it.... If you've selected a different currency by mistake, your options are to restore your most recent backup file.

  • Making deposits from sales receipts

    From the answer: Good day, Tat2jones.... It could be the Use Undeposited Funds as a default deposit to account option is not turned on, and the Sales Receipts were deposited to a different account.

  • download won't open

    From the answer: Your download file should read quickbooksmac2019.dmg,... your point of purchase is still your best option for the download.

  • purchas order moves the daciml twice, prices now are wrong?

    From the answer: check preferences, there is a setting to automatically set the decimal, if that is turned on you enter 12345 and QB will show 123.45   turn the setting off if you are going to enter numbers with decimals

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