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  • Consolidate duplicate clients in the QBOA Client list

    From the article: Resolve Duplicate Clients overview Your client list and the customer list in Your Books are synchronised- whatever is created in one is also added to the other.

  • Lead Assignment in QuickBooks Online Accountant

    From the article: Overview A Lead Accountant is the accounting firm team member through which a client has provided access to their QuickBooks Online subscription to the firm .

  • Team member access change notifications

    From the article: Overview When managing team member access within your firm, QuickBooks Online Accountant will notify affected users of these changes automatically.

  • Manage client access for firm team member

    From the article: How do I add, edit, or remove client access for a firm team member?... Client access can be accessed and edited through two paths.

  • Client companies missing from QBO Company Selection screen

    From the article: When logging into, with an accountant login, client companies are missing from the Company Selection screen.

  • Add or remove QBO and QBSE companies from wholesale billing

    From the article: For a subscription to be eligible for moving into Wholesale Billing, the subscription must meet the following criteria: You need to have billing information for your Wholesale Billing account.

  • Time Tracking in QuickBooks Online Accountant

    From the article: Configure team members access to use time sheets Members under Your Team need to have Customers & A/R, and Suppliers & Creditors turned on and Firm User needs View Only access.

  • QBOA Firm Access FAQ

    From the article: QuickBooks Online Accountant (QBOA) Firm Access (Multi-user) - Frequently Asked Questions How many employees can I invite to access my QBO clients?

  • Switch Companies in QuickBooks Online Accountant (QBOA)

    From the article: Switch companies using the Accountant Tool-belt Within the Accountant Tool-belt (the bar at the top of the screen), click on the company name.

  • Upgrade a client company on Wholesale Billing

    From the article: Here's how to upgrade a client company on Wholesale Billing, and add payroll to their QuickBooks.... Before you proceed, make sure that your billing info is up to date .

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