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  • How do I renew my prepaid subscription to QuickBooks? (Singtel only)

    From the article: When you renew your prepaid subscription, you can change your billing period.... Select Your Account from the Tools menu (it is located in the upper right corner where you see your company name).

  • What different types of users can we create? (Singtel only)

    From the article: When accessing your Activity Log you might notice some special types of users that our system creates when we make direct changes to your company: Support Representative - Changes made by a QuickBooks Online support consultant System Administration -

  • Guidelines for choosing a Login ID for Singtel QuickBooks Online (Singtel only)

    From the article: Your Login ID identifies you to Singtel.... It must be a valid email address.... 4298

  • Finding and bookmarking the sign in page (Singtel only)

    From the article: Tired of typing in this address every time?... You can bookmark our sign-in page in your favorites list!... After it's bookmarked, you'll also be able to create a desktop icon.

  • Deleting Time Activity in QuickBooks Online

    From the article: How do I locate and delete Time Activity?... To delete Time Activity: Locate the  Search  box in the upper right of QBO and type Time .

  • What payment options are available for QuickBooks Online sold through Singtel?

    From the article: QuickBooks Online accepts debit cards.... They are treated the same as a credit card except the payment comes directly from your bank account.

  • Handle errors on your bank or credit card statement

    From the article: Occasionally, your bank or credit card company may make a mistake by processing a transaction for a different amount than the amount you wrote.

  • Removing a Billable Expense Charge from the Customers center in QBO

    From the article: Option 1:  Remove the billable status one transaction at a time In the Customers center, click on Unbilled Activities within the Money Bar .

  • Which contact fields are imported?

    From the article: For customer or vendor/supplier lists, the following fields are imported: FIELD DESCRIPTION RESTRICTIONS Full Name Name of customer or contact.

  • Enable JavaScript in your browser

    From the article: To access QuickBooks using your internet browser you need to have JavaScript enabled.... To enable JavaScript please follow the steps below for your browser.

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