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  • Fill in a weekly timesheet

    From the article: Here’s how to enter a weekly timesheet.... If you need help with a single activity timesheet, see Enter a single timed activity .

  • Which contact fields are imported from excel?

    From the article: Before conducting an import from excel, it is important to know which contact fields will be imported and any restrictions, which fields are optional, and best practices before you get started.

  • How to merge accounts, customers, and suppliers

    From the article: In QuickBooks Online, you can easily merge accounts, customers, or suppliers.... This is helpful if you want to have a single representation in your Chart of Accounts or in your financial reports.

  • How to enable and use account numbers

    From the article: While you are not required to use account numbers in your Chart of Accounts, you can enable them to help organise the finances of your business.

  • How to edit customer information

    From the article: Frequently, business owners need to edit a customer's information, such as preferred payment method and billing address.

  • How to run purchase order reports

    From the article: QuickBooks Online Plus has a number of reports that will help you with your purchase orders.... To run a purchase order report: Select Reports from the left menu.

  • The difference between weekly and single timesheets

    From the article: Learn what the difference is between weekly and single timesheets.... There are two types of timesheets in QuickBooks Online.

  • How to manage default and special accounts in the Chart of Accounts

    From the article: When you create a company, QuickBooks Online creates specific accounts for that company by default, and creates other special accounts when certain features are turned on in the settings.

  • How to delete a bill

    From the article: There are several ways to locate and delete a bill in QuickBooks Online.... You can delete a bill from the Bill window, to enable you to review the details of the transaction.

  • What is reconciling?

    From the article: When you reconcile an account, you compare the beginning balance and transactions listed in your QuickBooks Online company file with your monthly bank or credit card statements to make sure they match.

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