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  • Record a Barter Transaction

    From the article: A barter transaction occurs when you and your supplier/supplier exchange goods and services.... To record the exchange, you would enter an invoice and a invoice to record the products or services you are exchanging.

  • GST Detail Report

    From the article: What transactions make up the GST return amounts?... This report lists the transactions that are included in each box on the GST return(GST F5).

  • Can QuickBooks Online handle inventory assembly?

    From the article: Currently QuickBooks Online does not have the capability of tracking inventory assemblies, as when items are created or assembled from other inventory parts.

  • How to record excess payment received from customer and refunding them

    From the article: If a customer has overpaid where payment is more than the invoice amount, it is no different when recording exact payments.

  • Understand your QuickBooks Online subscription rate

    From the article: Current rates are dependent upon each subscription's original rate and any discounts (the price may vary due to discounts, i.e.

  • Redesigned Invoice Emails in QuickBooks Online

    From the article: We're updating the invoice emails so that you can: Better highlight your brand as a small business and customise your emails - You can now choose your accent colour and highlight your logo.

  • Printing is unclear or fuzzy

    From the article: If the lines on your invoices and other sales forms are not printing clearly, your print settings may be set to a low resolution.

  • About your Tax / GST/ VAT agency

    From the article: A Tax / GST/ VAT agency is the government organisation that collects taxes and controls tax laws for an area.

  • Create a new QuickBooks Online company or companies

    From the article: Here's how to sign up for a new QuickBooks Online company.... If you have an existing Intuit account from TurboTax, Mint, or QuickBooks, you can use the same login info when signing up.

  • Don't see the payments you want to deposit?

    From the article: Before you can deposit a payment you received, you need to record it.... If you recorded a payment you received on an invoice or created a sales receipt, make sure you selected Undeposited funds in the Deposit to field of the transaction.

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