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  • I've exported data from a Quickbooks account. How do I import this data into another Quickbooks account?

    From the answer: Let me help you,  hello .... You'll need a third party app to import the data into your another QuickBooks account.

  • How to create a draft invoice for approval?

    From the answer: I can guide you create a draft invoice for approval,  Nicole.Lim .... You can create an estimate for this one.

  • Customise invoice by customer?

    From the answer: No, not possible in QBO

  • I need to change the revenue account for a couple of sales transactions. But I can't seem to amend the "Account" within each individual transaction. Can you please help?

    From the answer: The revenue account that a sale posts to is determined by the income account selected on the item screen Since this is not a permanent change of posting you are wanting, best option is to just move that amount of income to anther income account with

  • my search customer or supplier button is missing

    From the answer: Hello there,  gandhiapaq , We've received a report about the missing search button.... This has been worked on by our product engineers.

  • Edit terms of payment

    From the answer: Good day, Amira.... There are several ways on how to edit or adjust your invoice payment terms in QuickBooks Online.

  • Can I set up two company accounts online with the same id

    From the answer: Good day, dilly, Absolutely.... You can follow these steps below to create another account with the same login credentials: Go to .

  • new company setup

    From the answer: Good day, quekboonwan, You can go to this website: to set up a new QuickBooks Online account.

  • Can we customise journal numbers?

    From the answer: I have not tried, give it a try click in that block and see if you can overwrite it let us know what you find out

  • track inventory location

    From the answer: Good day,  stefanus.koh .... Yes.... We can use inventory tracking in QuickBooks Online Plus version.... By turning on the Location tracking option, you can monitor or track your income and expenses and run reports for different segments or locations of your bus

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