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  • How can I export General Ledger Details to Excel?

    From the answer: You have come to the right place for help  roberson !... Here's how to export your General Ledger report to Excel : Click Reports in the left navigation bar.

  • how can we edit the account code in each sales transaction instead of the system default "sales"?

    From the answer: The account that is posted to for an invoice or sales receipt is determined by the items used.... Each item has a block where you select the account it posts to, first create or insure the account you want to use exists in the chart of accounts, then edi

  • I have a credit with a supplier. As we now discontinue working together they have given us a cheque with a refund. Whats the way to proceed?

    From the answer: the deposit will work edit the deposit, insure/change the source (from) account to accounts payable and select the vendor name use pay bills, select the "bill" the deposit created and apply the credit, save

  • What are the steps needed for inventory write off in QBO Plus?

    From the answer: meu plus>other>inventory adjust select the adjusting account, normally you use COGS-shrinkage, and lower the qty per item as needed

  • Open Market Value (OMV)

    From the answer: Hello,  kennethlimcp .... You can track the good’s accrued tax through OMV by creating a custom tax item in QuickBooks Online.

  • can i use journal entry to record my purchases

    From the answer: If they are an expense yes, if they are inventory no but QB works better if you use the menu and use enter expense, or ....

  • Cost of sales for same item was reported in some cases and not in others. Why?

    From the answer: QBO uses FIFO inventory, the average cost of the items per purchase, with the oldest purchase date being sold first so if there was a purchase, or an increase in qty for that item when there was no established cost, then the cost basis for that date

  • how to export accounts receivable from quick books

    From the answer: You can not do that in QBO.... The only real option to get all your data is to have an accountant log in and print or export to excel the general journal.

  • may i know how to extract a journal template from quickbook

    From the answer: You can not

  • job costing tracking

    From the answer: cost does not go on a customer invoice You pay the cost and mark it with the customer name, then you can run a P&L by customer gear>settings>company settings>expenses>bills and expenses and turn on make expenses and items billable check mark to track

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