• How to unsubscribe or cancel QuickBooks Online subscription purchased through an app store (iOS or Android)

    From the article: If you are using the web version of QuickBooks Online (on a computer or laptop), see How to Cancel your QuickBooks Online Company (United States) .

  • VAT Feature Update FAQ

    From the article: We have recently updated the VAT feature in accordance with the South African new rate in QuickBooks Online to ensure a smooth tax year-end for customers.

  • Install the QuickBooks Online for Mac app

    From the article: Learn how to install the new, free version of the QuickBooks Online app for Mac.... Do you want to download the new Mac App for QuickBooks Online?

  • Downgrade Through Cancel Flow

    From the article: You can downgrade QuickBooks Online Essentials or Plus subscription.... To downgrade within QuickBooks Online: Log into your company file .

  • Recognise and report suspicious emails (Phishing)

    From the article: Phishing, spam, spoof, or hoax emails are a huge problem today.... The best protection against these security risks is awareness and prevention.

  • How to make sure you receive important email messages from Intuit

    From the article: If you're email account isn't receiving messages from Intuit's  do_not_reply email address there are several simple steps you can take to fix this problem.

  • How to turn on work email notifications

    From the article: You can make changes to your projects and alert appropriate people through email and Slack notifications through the Quickbooks Online Accountant Work tab.

  • How to use client notes in QuickBooks Online Accountant

    From the article: Client notes have been  improved to allow firm users to easily create, view, and manage notes about clients from the Client Notes tab.

  • How to create an Intuit account

    From the article: An Intuit account lets you easily manage and access any Intuit products connected to your email address, like QuickBooks Online, Turbotax, and Mint.

  • Multi-factor authentication 

    From the article: Learn answers to frequently asked questions about multi-factor authentication.... Intuit uses multi-factor authentication across all of our products to protect your account.

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