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  • I would like to deactivate my Go Payment for May thru December. Then re-activate it for Jan 2020. Is this possible? I don't want to pay the $20 monthly fee May-Dec

    From the answer: Thank you for posting,  tam0594 .... Let me share some information about canceling and reactivating QuickBooks GoPayment.

  • I have used Go Payments service in the past. Is it possible to turn on this app temporarily and just pay for it when I need it?

    From the answer: Quickbooks Payments has a pay as you go option with zero monthly fee.... Your choice of that or a monthly flat rate fee with lower % fees but it takes high volume to recoup the difference.

  • Merchant Services

    From the answer: Greetings, .... I'm pleased to furnish you with some information about receiving customer payments.... When you sign up for the ability to received credit card and eCheck payments , you'll receive an email notification to inform you about the status of your

  • Merchant Center Transaction Link - Error

    From the answer: Hi,  afixia .... I want to ensure you'll be able to access the link to the production system via Merchant Services Center.

  • quickbooks payments

    From the answer: Welcome and thanks for joining the Community, .... I can help walk you through the steps on how to process a refund in QuickBooks Payments.

  • Changing bank accounts

    From the answer: Hi, .... I'm here to guide you to the right support so you can get the help you need with changing bank accounts in Merchant Service.

  • can we cancel our go payment account?

    From the answer: Hi cm,  It's sad to see you go, but let me help you cancel your Go Payment account.... You need to submit a written cancellation request.

  • How to text receipt.

    From the answer: Thank you for reaching out,  shawn .... I can provide you the steps on how to send the receipts to your customers through text.


    From the answer: Hi there So_Gna,   There are a few things we need to check if your account is eligible for same-day deposits (ACH).

  • Is Quick Books Payments Less Expensive than Other Payments Services?

    From the answer: Yes And No.   Shop around.... Depends on your volume as well.

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