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  • Oklahoma Payroll Tax Compliance

    From the article: Use this information to ensure compliance with state payroll tax regulations.... Find details on tax forms, withholdings, unemployment and other tax, e-file and pay information, general state and agency information, and employer registration.

  • Update on the QuickBooks Online Advanced free upgrade period

    We recently launched an experience to a select group of QuickBooks® Online customers that provides a free...

  • Skip data verification when backing up

    From the answer: Hello there  Yo1 ,   You can change the backup settings to "No verification" to skip this process.... Let me help you how it's done.

  • Error 262: Verify Name: Invalid sales tax code

    From the answer: These invoices might have been damaged that's causing the error when verifying your data, AveryAssistance.

  • can I delete or edit a receiving voucher

    From the answer: Thanks for posting your question in the Community, m_whorton, I’m here to provide information about editing or deleting a receiving voucher in QuickBooks Point of Sale.

  • Card reader errors

    From the answer: We'll help you investigate the cause of these errors, NWFJames.... I'd recommend reaching out to our Point of Sale Phone Support Team.

  • Can a second credit card refund be issued to same transaction? We initially refunded $75.00 in error, should have been $80.81 w/tax total. Refund due $5.81 back to cc

    From the answer: Yes you can refund the remaining balance of $5.81, rbaines.... Let me walk you through the steps: Click the Plus (+) icon.

  • Direct deposit

    From the answer: Let's make sure the Direct Deposit setup is complete, stephanieh727.... After you filled out the form to sign up, did you verify your bank account details?

  • Inventory Tracking

    From the answer: Jumping in to answer your question, alicia5699.... The option to automatically stop you from overbooking an inventory item is currently unavailable in QuickBooks Online.

  • remittances

    From the answer: Hello de54nk,   The remittance is generated automatically based on what is owed - there is no way to show any extra detail.

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