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  • Is it possible to retrive my data? I no longer have an account at this time.

    From the answer: Hi there, c.gib Let me help share some information about retrieving data in QuickBooks Self-Employed (QBSE).

  • can a limit staff access to quickbooks from one pc

    From the answer: Thank you for reaching out, .... I'd like to help share some information about access limits in QuickBooks Online.

  • Removing the "Enclosed" Column on Invoice

    From the answer: Hello there, .... I'd like to help with customizing your invoice.... To ensure I'm on the same page, are you referring to an imported invoice template?

  • General Ledger

    From the answer: Hello there, the_tile_setters.... In QuickBooks, the General Ledger report displays a list of transactions from all accounts for a specific date range.

  • Refundable deposit for Tool

    From the answer: You can record a vendor refund, The_tile_setters.... This will help you handle the refundable item properly.

  • Re-certification exam not completed before due date

    I got my original ProAdvisor certification on April 28, 2018, and I managed to let the July 31, 2019 due...

  • Importing bank .qbo files get message "Contact your Finacial Institution

    From the answer: Let's work together in fixing the error message you're getting, .... Most common banking issue is resolved by downloading a new fidir.txt

  • QB Desktop activation

    From the answer: hi   , Could you log into your CAMPS?...

  • How do I enter donations for a specific purpose, then track the expenses

    From the answer: Hello there, d.riseberg.... QuickBooks can easily track grant/gift from your donors or members.... You can enter these revenues as donations to ensure the correct tax fields are used for year-end deductions.

  • If I am converting from desktop pro 2018 to online, will it look the same?

    From the answer: ROFL, no it will not a non partisan comparison of QBO vs QB desktop

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