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  • Property taxes paid with liability account, how to record

    From the answer: your journal entry is correct, debit loan, credit tax expense   If tax expense is going negative as a result, then your original payment of the taxes in full did not post to the same tax expense account as it should.

  • How can I print a list or report with the customer job contact info in it?

    From the answer: Start at Reports| Lists | Customer contact list.... Modify it by adding or removing columns as needed.

  • Can you help me upload my direct deposits?

    From the answer: Hello,  manitourtay .... If you’re referring to paying your employees through Direct Deposit, you can sign up your account.

  • Inventory Question

    From the answer: Tracking your inventory items can be a little tricky, Rami.... To take 20 boxes (50lb raw almonds per box), we can customer a profile for the Roaster and a zero invoice.

  • Running PoS Desktop V18. I need to change the transaction date on a number of older sales. How do I edit a transaction?

    From the answer: I'll help you change the transaction date,  joe.mcintosh .... Here's how: Open the transaction.... Click the I want to drop-down arrow, then select Change Date .

  • Adding an Attachment to an Invoice

    We have QuickBooks Desktop 2018, recently updated. Before and after the update we do not have the ability...

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