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  • Error at line 9655 (2)

    From the answer: The error indicates a possible corrupted or damaged transaction within your company file, Natalie.... Let's follow some troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue.

  • Multi-user, no host

    From the answer: hi   , You must consider to host your files but not using public clouds like Dropbox, Gdrive, or similar solution.

  • Just created a company file and it's no where to be found

    From the answer: hi   , You could press f2 in QuickBooks and a product information window will pop up.... You could find your file location at "File Information".

  • How do I print an invoice with credit showing?

    From the answer: I can help you adjust the overlapping credit field, blujay22,   When you edit your template, you can click on Layout Designer .

  • uploading online back up of company file

    From the answer: Hey there, Sebastian22.... The following are the steps to restore a backup file from the online backup: Click File at the top.

  • How to restore information from previous edition

    From the answer: hi   , You could open your old QuickBooks version and open your company file as usual.... Press f2 to pop up a product information window and find the location of your QBW file.

  • Upgrade QB Pro Desktop 2016 to QB Pro Desktop 2019

    From the answer: hi   , There is something wrong with your Windows.... You should try the clean install with following reference:

  • How do i record a partial refund from a store purchase paid by a debit card

    From the answer: create a deposit to that bank account, use the same expense account as the original purchase used as the source account for the deposit.

  • There is no blue line in one of my check registers. I have opened and closed many times. Why is it not there?

    From the answer: The blue line only shows up when there is a transaction dated in the future.... Is there?

  • I need a report that shows minimum balance of an account by month and year

    From the answer: Just not something you can get from QB at all   You could run a detailed report per account and manually scan for the lowest balance ...

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