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  • Where the heck did this Bank Balance come from???

    From the answer: Hello According to your screenshot, that online balance was last updated back in March so it's not accurate anymore.

  • Reinstall quickbooks

    From the answer: Hello Aspen Creative,   You'll want to download the software and restore your back up company files.... Let me help you with the steps so you'll get started.

  • Hard Drive Failure

    From the answer: As recent as 2017?... You do not need to wait for anything.... Download a fresh install from your intuit account at

  • Multi-User Mode and Secondary Company

    From the answer: hi @ Amecpa , Yes you can have more than one company file to be open by your user.... Say you have 2 company files and 5 users using Premier edition.

  • How do I apply one check to two separate accounts? Same customer/payer but they have two separate accounts.

    From the answer: Do this by creating one parent customer and then making the two customers  sub-accounts (jobs) of that customer.

  • When export report as excel file, date type is variable.

    From the answer: We can fix the date format within Excel, gho gho.... The date format on the exported reports must be the same with the computer's date setup.

  • trouble restoring backup

    From the answer: hi @ horseshowmgr , Try downloading QBB file to your local computer and restoring it.... Second option, access your QuickBooks by remote application (Teamviewer or other apps) or ask someone to send your QBW file to cloud.

  • Budget v Actual by location

    From the answer: Good day, .... QuickBooks Online (QBO) doesn't have an option to include the Budget in the Profit and Loss by Location report at this time.

  • Does quick book works in Jamaica

    From the answer: hi @ Kasteelfarmz , Your case is similar to our client in Indonesia and most of Asia region.... If you like to use QuickBooks Online, Global version is your best option.

  • memorandum accounts

    From the answer: There is nothing to stop you from making zero value entries in any account and filling the description field with text - but there is no account type specifically for comments only.

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