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  • how to edit price levels

    From the answer: Hello Scrapdooles, If the Price Level was edited through the Company Preferences, those changes will only be applied to new items.

  • 3 banks accounts for Direct Deposit

    From the answer: You can only have up to two per employee / per paycheck when using the built in DD service.... If you bank will do DD for you and they accept a NACHA file for the DD, you can use the BRC Direct Deposit File Creator   to create up to 7 DD orders per emplo

  • problems starting pos v11 on windows 10

    From the answer: It is possible the Intuit entitlement services are not started.... Press the Windows logo button + R, and type in services.msc

  • How can I delete historical payroll data I entered in for the wrong company?

    From the answer: At the bottom of each transaction, click on More > Delete.

  • how to enter adjustment checks

    From the answer: It would depend on a few factors on how you can enter back dated paychecks.... Generally, you can just go to the Create Paychecks then change the Pay Date to what you want to enter.

  • how do we produce a Cumulative Payroll Details reports on the new QB online????

    From the answer: I'm pretty sure based on other posts that such a report does not exist in QB Online.

  • how do i record a payroll advance?

    From the answer: Set up an asset account called Payroll Advance or Employee Receivable.... When you write the advance check debit the new account an credit Cash.

  • How to set up accounts for Health Insurance payments for S-Corp Shareholder who owns MORE than 2% and how is it reflected on W-2? I see answers for 2% owners only.

    From the answer: "I see answers for 2% owners only."... People don't bother to type out all the details, on the Internet.... That is the "shorthand" terminology.

  • How do I open a QBXLM file??

    From the answer: Hello mandi.shoup4!... Right now, there is no direct way to import a qbXML file into QuickBooks using the QuickBooks User Interface.

  • How can I give my employees a paystub if we are using direct deposit for payroll?

    From the answer: Thanks for dropping by here in the Community,  nhkasimatis .... Let me help show you how to give your employee a pay stub if you're using direct deposit.

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