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  • Quickbooks Migration Tool - 'something's not right - try again later' - Work Around

    From the answer: Thank you for sharing this workaround,  Sherwood_Valley_I .... This would be a great help for other users who are experiencing the same issue.

  • Payroll taxes are not withholding following upgrade to 2019

    From the answer: Let's do one last to update to fix this, WTRElectric.... After upgrading your QuickBooks version, you'd also have to update your payroll.

  • Employees want paper checks, but can't' print them right now.

    From the answer: For payroll to properly complete you need to create the checks.... Printing or not printing has nothing to do with the calculations and is of no concern.

  • Account balance errors after condensing data

    From the answer: Hey there,  SIGMA03 .... Condensing your company file removes transaction detail and list entries in QuickBooks.

  • Can I have help by phone with transferring my files from Pro 2016 to Essential Online?

    From the answer: Look for Contact Us from within your QBO Essentials and request a callback.... But what you have to start with is: download free trial of QB2019 restore into QB2019 a current backup from QB2016 From menu bar> File>Utilities>Copy Company File for QuickBoo

  • How can we make a tax object to a liable account ?

    From the answer: Hello, grow_quick.... All of the taxes that you can select when creating an invoice are reported on your VAT Payable (Liability) by default.

  • Payroll summary by customer state

    From the answer: Thanks for providing the details of your concern, .... At this time, dividing the Payroll Summary by Customer Type is unavailable.

  • AP Invoices that come in after the period closes

    From the answer: They are always going to come in after a period closes if they come by snail mail.... If you close a period no accounting program worth its salt will allow you to enter or edit any transaction prior to the close date.

  • How do I print 2018 Fed 941 tax form from quick books

    From the answer: You can create the current form with old data and then transfer it to a pdf from and mail it in.

  • View my paycheck - POOR SUPPORT

    Yesterday I received a call from an employee that they were not able to set up their view my paycheck...

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