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    From the answer: hi @ GS PHX , What kind of error notification did you get? DId you install on Win 7?

  • user access

    From the answer: We can limit a user to selected areas of QuickBooks Desktop by changing their access rights, BBQ-Hut.

  • Employee didn't get paid.

    From the answer: First, I would ask the employee to provide a cancelled check so that you can double check the account and routing number.

  • QB Desktop Pro 2019 incorrectly thinks UAC is set to high

    From the answer: Our engineers are already working to fix this behavior, reiddg.... I'll mention your name here when this is resolved, so you'll be notified through email.

  • double postings

    From the answer: Hello, ,   Creating a transaction under the customer's job is posted to both the customer and its job.

  • Customize Invoice QB2019 mac

    From the answer: I'd be happy to assist you today,  Pharmaden .... You've come to the right place for help with QuickBooks.

  • Search

    From the answer: Welcome you to the Community, .... The easiest way to find a transaction in QuickBooks Desktop is by using the Find feature.

  • processing foreign credit card

    From the answer: Hello,   At this time, QuickBooks Merchant Account Service can only process cards for US based credit card accounts.

  • Quickbooks Pro Plus 2018 desktop printing checks a second time

    From the answer: Hi there, .... Once the Print Later box on the check transactions is selected, it'll add them to the print queue even if its old.

  • refund for federal tax submitted

    From the answer: You don't.... You would have to wait until the 941 is filed, and then request a refund of the overpayment.

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