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  • In a service business that accepts aftermarket warranty claims. The customer pays me a $100 deductible and the warranty company pays $7.00 for deductible tax.

    From the answer: Invoice the customers using a service item that is marked as non-taxable.... When the warranty co sends you the tax record it on a Sales Receipt with 2 lines: (eg for $100 received) Service item - marked as taxable - $1,428.57

  • Hubdoc

    From the answer: Hubdoc is a great program especially when it comes to document aggregation.... It also depends on your accounting platform, if you are a QuickBooks Desktop user than I would suggest checking out  Ledgersync .

  • How to choose a software development company?

    From the answer: It's not that easy to find a good software development service provider.... Believe me.... I have spent much time on the search.

  • Reconciling accounts

    From the answer: Hi Vicki, 1. QuickBooks automatically pulls through an opening balance when the bank account is connected.

  • How can I add "Bill to" and "Job Location" to a custom report?

    From the answer: Thanks so much for this clarification, Mike.... I believe that I have found just the report you're looking for.

  • Too many programs and apps

    From the answer: It actually sounds like you have the perfect apps/subscriptions for your scenario.... Like  @JamesOng  mentioned, QBO can take care of all of your needs with QBO full service payroll and bill pay.

  • Applying a payment to multiple POs to vendors that are partial payments

    From the answer: so technically it didn't change anything but it looks weird Yes it does, there is no explaining how the programmers did things

  • QuickBooks Bill Pay

    From the answer: Hi there, @Rayo , I?m here to help ensure you?re able to get all the information you need prior to enrolling for QuickBooks Bill Pay.

  • Helping a Rehabbing company handle its contractor expenses

    From the answer: Some of the rules for meals and entertainment changed for 2018.... Here is a section from IRS Publication 15-B on meals: Short meal periods.

  • Unable to change the incorrect amount due on the QuickBooks invoice.

    From the answer: Amount is calculated as Units (quantity) times Rate.... You have qty = 0.... And this never takes into account prior amounts Paid.

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